Graffiti Project

Dallas Farmers Market Friends Graffiti ProjectThe DFMFriends collaborated with the City of Dallas in October 2012 to slow the illegal tagging that has plagued public spaces for a number of years. The DFMFriends provided 4 10’x10’ boards for wall space and, through a competition, selected 4 top Graffiti Artists to create separate farm and agri-themed artworks. The artwork is now on permanent display and is the backdrop for many market photos.

Visitors to the market were able to watch live artistic productions from some of Dallas’ finest street and grafitti artists while being entertained by musicians, kids activities and the wonderful vibe of Fall at the Dallas Farmers Market. The goal of the event was to provide the selected Dallas based graffiti artists with the wall space necessary to focus on their creative process, connect with their communities, advance their career, market their work, and develop new audiences for their work. The selection committee awarded the artists a spot in the exhibit along with all painting materials and a cash award of $1000. This provided an interactive experience for visitors to the Dallas Farmers Market and the artists.