MMA Betting 101

mma betting

MMA is a highly competitive sport, with fighters who have spent their entire lives honing their fighting skills. This makes it an excellent sport to bet on, but it’s also important for new fans to understand the unified rules of the sport before they begin wagering. Taking some time to learn about these rules can help players make more informed wagers, and they’ll also be better prepared to recognize when they’re betting against the rules.

Many MMA fans are surprised to find out that the sport has very specific rules that must be followed in order to win a fight. These rules include effective striking, effective grappling, aggression, and cage control. The sport is also based on rounds, with most promotions setting them at five minutes. In addition to these unified rules, a fight can end at any point in the round via a knockout or submission. In the past, fighters often violated these rules by throwing illegal punches and kicks, and it’s important for fans to understand these nuances before placing their MMA bets.

Another common mistake that MMA bettors make is not researching the fighters they’re betting on. It’s important to do a thorough job of research on both fighters, especially their records. The most successful MMA bettors are those that take the time to study the record of each fighter and look for patterns in their wins and losses. It’s also helpful to compare the records of two fighters in terms of how many wins they have versus how many losses they have.

MMA bettors should also pay attention to the odds for each fight. Oddsmakers will set an Over/Under total for each fight, based on the style of the fighters involved and the number of rounds scheduled. The Over/Under is then priced accordingly, with the price of the bet including the vig or juice. Bettors should understand the pricing of MMA Over/Unders before they place any bets on them.

It’s also important for MMA bettors to look at the history of each fighter, particularly their record in close fights. A fighter with a lot of decision wins is likely to continue doing so in the future, while a fighter that’s come out of a few knockout losses may be more cautious inside the octagon.

One of the best ways to find an underdog in MMA is to look at the record of fighters who are making their debuts against established, veteran competitors. This is because these newcomers are unlikely to be favored against the more experienced fighters, and they’ll often offer a much larger payout than underdogs who have already made their mark in the sport.

In-play MMA betting, also known as live betting, is one of the most exciting and profitable methods of UFC wagering. However, it’s important for bettors to track their bankroll at all times and not risk more money than they can afford to lose. It’s also a good idea to check out picks and predictions from reputable experts before betting on a fight.