MMA Betting Basics

mma betting

When it comes to MMA betting, the key is to study fight film and make your own analysis. Many bettors focus on the opponent’s record, but they should avoid doing “MMA Math,” which can mislead bettors and divert attention from learning how to properly handicap a fight. Instead, study each fighter’s fight history and handicapping style, which will give you a better idea of how they’ll match up against each other.

Method of Victory props

In MMA, you can wager on a fighter’s method of victory based on fighter statistics. For example, if you bet on a UFC match, you can also bet on the fighter’s takedowns per round, takedown accuracy, or submission percentage. This type of bet can produce large payouts.

Round betting

Round betting in MMA is a common way to bet on the results of a fight. Each round is about five minutes long and there is one minute’s rest in between. In general, you can bet on whether a fight will be a push or finish by knockout. If a fight does go beyond five rounds, it’s called a push.

Point deduction

Point deduction is an option you may want to consider when betting on MMA fights. It works just like in boxing betting. You place your bet on a fighter to win a certain number of rounds. This can be a viable option for seasoned punters who have a solid understanding of the sport.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are a popular type of MMA betting and can be incredibly profitable when you pick the right fighter. They are the most popular type of bet and are extremely simple to place. In order to place a moneyline bet, you simply place a bet on one fighter or both, and a reputable sportsbook will show you how much you can win. You can also bet on the underdog to win the fight, but be aware that this type of bet is not without risk.

MMA betting software

The MMA betting software you choose is vital to the success of your MMA betting website. You want your customer to enjoy a quick, convenient, and safe experience while placing their bets. The software will also offer a user-friendly interface, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus at MMA betting sites is an excellent way to get started and test the waters. These bonuses are usually very generous and can help you get your feet wet. However, you should keep in mind that some MMA betting sites are not user-friendly and have issues with withdrawals and deposits. It is also important to choose a site with a good track record, a range of betting options, and fair odds.