MMA Betting Odds

mma betting

The money you make betting on MMA will depend on several factors, including the quality of your selections and your betting strategy. The best way to increase your winnings is to place wagers on the fighters you believe will win a fight, and this is possible by understanding how MMA betting odds work. Unlike traditional sports betting, where you can bet on the winner of a game using a point spread, MMA odds are typically listed as a negative number representing a favorite and a positive number representing an underdog. In addition to the standard betting types, MMA offers a variety of prop bets and in-play betting options.

The most popular MMA bets are the Money Line bets, which are wagers on which fighter will win a specific fight. These bets typically offer lower payouts than other MMA bet types, but can be lucrative if you choose your underdogs wisely. Considering the fighters’ styles and fighting history is a great place to start when making Money Line bets, as it can give you an edge over the bookmakers.

Another common MMA bet is the Over/Under round total, which is a wager on how many rounds a fight will last. The Over/Under is set by the oddsmakers, and the vig (the fee charged by the bookmaker) is added to the total to determine the price of the bet.

When betting on Over/Under round totals, be sure to pay attention to a fighter’s weight in the days leading up to a fight. Sometimes, a fighter who is close to missing the weight cut will go to extreme measures to lose weight, and this can leave them exhausted by the time the fight starts. In addition, extreme dehydration can cause a drop in cerebrospinal fluid, which can leave a fighter susceptible to a knockout.

Method of Victory props are also a popular choice for MMA bettors, and these wagers let you place a bet on how exactly a specific fighter will win a fight. You can choose between KO/TKO, Submission, and Points for this bet type, and the payouts will vary depending on how accurate you are with your selection.

In-play MMA betting is a great option for those who like to make wagers as a fight plays out, and can lead to large payouts if you’re lucky enough to spot a trend. This bet type is often available on the live stream of a fight, and allows you to bet in real-time as the action unfolds.

Mma betting is becoming increasingly popular, and the sport’s stars are a big draw for fans. But if you’re looking for the most profitable bets, it’s important to understand how the fighters’ styles match up, any injuries or weaknesses, and their fighting histories. It’s also critical to note how often a fighter fights, as stardom correlates with marketability but not necessarily viability in a particular matchup. Mma’s biggest stars like Conor McGregor are known for their one-shot knockouts but have only fought four times since 2016. Fighters who fight frequently, however, can often use their experience to gain an edge over younger opponents.