The Rules of Domino


If you’re not sure what domino is, it’s a tile-based game family. Each tile is rectangular in shape with square ends. Each end is marked with the number of spots it contains. Players use these spots to score points and try to place the highest numbers on a row or column. A game of dominoes can be very challenging and is a great way to pass time with family and friends.


The Rules of Domino are a set of rules for a game of dominoes. The object of the game is to create enclosed spaces, known as ‘cells’, using domino tiles. Each cell is worth a certain number of points. In the graphic illustration below, you’ll see examples of how to create cells using Game Option 1. You’ll also notice that blanks are allowed in the game, but only in certain situations.

The game begins when two players place dominoes on their open ends. Then, when all the open ends of the layout are connected with pips that total a multiple of five, the player scores.


The game of domino can be played in many different regional variations. The standard game involves two players holding seven tiles. Each player scores points when he places a tile on a neighboring tile. Some variations use multiple-colored tiles. Another popular variation uses a spinner tile. In Crazy, players play one colored tile with a branch of a different color.

The object of this game is to collect as many pairs as possible. For example, a double-six and a double-four can only form pairs with each other. During a round, the player who has the most matches wins. The game is much more exciting when played in these variations.


Spinners in domino are a fun way to play the game! You can use them to change the direction of a run, add new runs in opposite directions, or maintain a current run. There are six ways to use a spinner and up to 12 tricks if you have two. It’s a must have accessory for any domino player!

Spinners are small pins that are placed on each domino, and they help keep them in place. If you’re not happy with the spinner that’s on your domino, you can remove it and replace it with a different piece.

Starting player

In domino, the starting player is the person who starts play. A player who is the starting player will build a train by placing dominoes on a single row. The engine on one end of the train must match the double number of the domino next to it. The other end of the train can be anything else.

The game of domino is played with a double-six set. This set contains twenty-eight tiles, each bearing a dot from 0 to six. The game can be played with two players, with each player taking a turn playing seven tiles from their hand. The remaining tiles form a boneyard where other players cannot see the faces of the dominoes.

Points scored

Points scored in domino is the amount of points scored by a player when all his or her dominoes have been played. The game ends when a player has no dominoes to play or when the game has been blocked by another player. The player with the highest number of points will win the game.

Points are scored when one of the player’s dots has been placed on the last dot of his or her opponent. This is also known as the ‘Chicken Foot’. In dominoes, players must place a tile with the same endpoint as his or her opponent’s tiles. This will give the player three points. The player who places the last domino of the game will also gain a point.